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Beta Alpha Psi at UCLA

Leadership. Mentorship. Friendship.
UCLA's Premier Accounting Society

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To expand your network.


To create lifelong bonds and relationships.


To give back to the community.

We provide our members with the guidance, preparation and network needed to excel in college and thrive in any business environment.




Message from the President

Hello everyone! I’m excited to serve as president of the Beta Alpha Psi, Lambda Sigma chapter here at UCLA alongside my peers on the Executive Board.

When I joined Beta Alpha Psi as a freshman in Fall 2020, I thought of it as just another step in the process of getting started in college: joining clubs, exploring different career options, meeting new people... little did I know I would find such a welcoming and tight-knit community here – one that has provided me with so many opportunities, experiences, and a network of amazing people.

If I’m being honest, I was far from being a promising member at the start. However, I took my failures as motivation to work on myself, and with this newfound drive, I gained a new love for BAY and all that it had done for me. Through my struggles, I grew immensely professionally and built lasting connections, many of which I know I will cherish years down the line.

I aim to provide all of you with an equally, if not more, impactful experience. Whether you decide to join the BAY community in its entirety or just subscribe to our public newsletter, I am honored to provide you with even just a sliver of the growth and joy that BAY has given to me. 

I want to end this note by thanking everyone who has made BAY the way it is today. Whether you founded this organization or are a current member, thank you for shaping this community into the wonderful, supportive environment that it is - I couldn’t possibly have done it alone. And to any new or prospective members, I can’t wait to meet you and see what we can accomplish together.



Sophia Ji

Beta Alpha Psi President

Class of 2024

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