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Beta Alpha Psi

Mentorship Program

Our Mentorship Program groups members into mentorship “teams” led by BAΨ officers. They consist of students of various years and experience levels, including those currently going through recruiting and those who have already finished the process and obtained an internship or full-time offer. In addition, each mentorship team will have access to multiple professional connections from the Big Four and mid-tier firms that can offer any career insight and allow members to expand their professional network.

Why should I join?

The Mentorship Program is an extremely beneficial resource to underclassmen or transfers currently recruiting, as it connects students with other successful members of Beta Alpha Psi that can offer useful academic and professional advice, answer any questions during the recruiting season, give mock interviews and resume critiques, or even just help with picking the right classes. In addition, the mentorship teams allow students to build close bonds with their peers and mentors and maintain valuable social connections that can enhance students’ college experiences.

Who can join?

At this time, only Beta Alpha Psi members or pledges may join a mentorship team.

Ready to Join?

Applications are open on our internal website! Members can head over to our portal to apply. Please make sure you are logged into your baybruins Google account to access the application.


Meet the Mentorship Teams

Head over to our portal to join a mentorship team!

Got more questions about our mentorship program?

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